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Since 1973 the joy of sailing and the ambition to create superior quality boats has been the main charge of the cult like respect for Oluf Jørgensen and Luffe Yachts. 

pleaseant as possible with all the opertunities of home - just smaller measures. This is why the smallest Luffe yacht is 36 feet.

The intent has always been that the dimensions in the simple cabins and at the working zones - pantry, navigationcenter and bathroom - should be roomy and suited for a family stay of some duration. Furtermore, the textile fabrics are to be of such quality that they are resistant to the hard life at sea and at the same time meet any desires for specific colors and patterns as regards to design.


When all these ideas are combined in the Luffe yacht it is like entering a whole new world of experience for the senses and of intense atmosphere.

You will also be suprised to see how noble woods apear beautiful and refined.


On a Luffe boat you have a say in choosing the material and arrangement as well as details can be made to fit your desires and ideas. This also includes choosing wood, grain and textile.


If you compare a Luffe boat with the prefabricated boats you will discover that there is no extra charge on the influence you have on your Luffe boat.

The fundamental idea in the arrangement of the Luffe yacht is with a starting point in the sailing characteristics.

From front to aft all the Luffe boats are arraged to make the stay in harbour or when you ride as 

When you enter a Luffe yacht you will experience how speed and elegance is united with comfort.

Individuality, Quality

& Comfort.