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to 60 questions, How to play the game - there are free giveaways only for once at the start of a game, do not miss them. Then you'll get a number of points. Choosing a team - you must choose a team, take a photo with the team you will choose, then after that you can move the team to the main section. Now you can start the tournament Began the game - in the photo you need to make a note of who will win in the end. The number of people in the team is not important - the player who will take first place in the team wins. Start the game The first part of the game is the throw, which you need to divide into three players. The first throw - at first you will be given a 100 points to spend on the first toss. Second throw - on the second toss you will be given a 200 points to spend, and so on. The first to throw gets the greatest number of points. After the throw - the winner of the first throw will get 50 points. The second throw - after that the winner of the second throw will get 50 points. The third throw - after that the winner of the third throw will get 50 points. After that you will be given 3 more throws, as in the game before you did not count them. Only after the third throw you will be given the number of points, and you need to choose the number you will win. If the number of the thrown ball falls in your pocket - the winner is you and the game ends. If not - the game will continue. The results - the game is played three times, three times. The winner of the first throws will get 2 points, second place - 1 point. Third place - 0 points. The winner of the second throws - 4 points, the second - 3 points, and the third - 2 points. The winner of the third throw - 10 points, and so on. If the game is tied, the winner of the throws will be drawn. After that the game will start the final throw, and after that will be the final results. The top 10 with the biggest number of points gets bonuses, and the rest of the points are distributed among the players according to the amount of points they have received in the game. Winners - after the game you need to find the score in the team, in the pocket. If you find a number



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Cheat Happens Unlimited Account Hack 50

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