LUFFE 43DS  Standardspecification

11.00 m

2.80 t

7.20 t


135 m2

125 m2



120 l

65 l


Keel weigt:







Diesel tank:

Waste tank:

13.00 m

3.70 m



46 m2

42 m2

53 m2


Yanmar/Volvo 40HP

300 l





Main sail:





Fresh water tank:

Design:  Oluf Jørgensen   Shipyard: Luffe Yachts ApS

Technical data:















                                                                                   *Not part of standard boat.



Glass fibre reinforced polyester (E-glass + Duo-axial-glass) with foam core (Divinycell 20 mm). In the bottom a TBS steel frame is moulded to the hull, which has two intentions:

1. Where the keel bolts are tightened to the hull.

2. To make sure the mast stay in its place.



Glass fibre reinforced polyester with foam core. under all fittings are plywood moulded into the

deck. Cast non-slip surfacing.

Anchor well with drain and space for a wind able headfoil. Access to a large room for the sails through a large hatch.



Large well organized cockpit with self-bailing outlets. Large locker in the starboard side with room for tanks and technical equipment.

Available with stick or wheel. Halyards and lines are led back to the cockpit.

Clutches from SpinLock and winches from Andersen Denmark.



Lead L-keel with a low chief point. The keel is securely bolted to the steel frame at the bottom of the boat.

As option the keel can be made with lower draft 1,85m.

Another option is our T-keel, with shaft in GRP and bomb in lead. Meaning even more stability and lower weight.

T-keel's comes with drafts between 1,85 -2,25m.

Keel bolts goes direct from bomb to steel frame. Very safe construction.



Glass fibre reinforced polyester with massive aluminium rudder stock. Needle bearings.



Yanmar / Volvo 30HP with alternator and freshwater-cooling. Seawater filter and water separator.

2-blade folding propeller.


Mast and Rigging:

Natural anodized aluminium mast and boom. 9/10 Mast with 2 spreaders turning 20 degrees aft. Rigging is rod, with bronze rigging screws. Mast standing on keel frame. Halyards are lead back to the cockpit.

Halyards in the mast are Spectra. Backstay with hydraulic pump.

Reef system is single line to haul front and aft at the same time.



Water tank 300 l. Diesel tank about 120 l. Waste tank 65 l.



Genoa: Frederik Andersen ST52 2 pcs.

Spinnaker and halyards: Frederik Andersen ST46 2 pcs.

Halyard on mast: Frederik Andersen ST28 1 pcs. All winches are Full Steel.



First-class workmanship in selected woods. Hand-grinded and treated to obtain a non-gloss finish.

Optional: high-gloss finish. Choose between oak, teak, mahogany or American



Front Cabin:

Large double berth. Room for dressing. Large stowage under the berth.

Cupboards with and without shelves. Shelves over berth.



Spacious Bathroom with sink and water faucet. (w.combined faucet/shower). The bottom gathers the water from the shower which by means of an electric pump is lead out. Cupboards with shelves.



Light and pleasant saloon with a large U-shaped sofa and a saloon table. Raised to give the ability to look out the large windows.


Navigation Section:

Chart table with space for paper-charts, chart table lamp, large electric control panel and

plenty of room for navigation equipment.



pantry, port side, with stainless steel sink, faucet, rock able gas-stove with oven, and isolated stainless box for cooling built into the table. Several cupboards and drawers.

Cupboards in pantry arranged as desired to cups and plates.


Astern Cabin:

Separated astern cabin, port side, with large double berth and wardrobe.


Electric Equipment:

1 battery 12V/75A for the engine and 3 pcs. 12V/100A for consumer. Cables run in

PVC pipes. A suitable amount of lamps (Cabin) below deck.

LOPOLight LED navigation light in front and astern pulpit, engine light on the mast.

Large electric panel at chart table.


Other Equipment:

Anchor and anchor line,

4 moorings and 4 fenders of adequate size.

Flag on flagstaff.

Blinds on side windows in salon.

Compass with light

Teak fender list.