The Luffe 43 is a classic yacht with a timeless design. The boat offers a great potential in terms of sailing and is very spacious on the inside.


Historically the Luffe 43 has proved itself in regattas, but increasingly more and more owners are focusing on using the boat mainly for cruising. It is an especially effective boat for the Family who have the desire for swift and safe transportation from A to B.


The Luffe 43MKII is an upgrade version. A complete new deck, new rudder, new keel, and a modern 9/10 rig are element that have been refurbished. The shipyard's experience from the newer luxury yacht Luffe 48, are transferred to the now upgraded Luffe 43MKII.


The Luffe 43DS was developed for the sailor who desires a Deck Salon yacht, but does not want to compromise the handling and the effortless sailing that you get from the Luffe 43MKII. Being based on the same hull as the Luffe 43MKII you do not get a clumsy hull that is sometimes the case with Deck Salon yachts. All the improvement that benefited the Luffe 43MKII has also been applied to the Luffe 43DS.