LUFFE 40.20

Luffe 40.20, is an updated version of our Luffe 40.04.

From the very early stages the concept of the Luffe 40.20 has been to create a yacht with clean and aesthetic shapes. A boat that is simple and comfortable to handle. Sailing should not be strenuous, but a pleasure.


The Luffe 40.20 handles comfortably in all weather conditions. The many years of racing experience and boatbuilding of the designer have produced a fast performance cruiser which handles effortlessly even with a very small crew.


As with all Luffe boats the wishes of the customer is important. Almost all of the 70 Luffe 40.04 that have been finished since the launch of the Luffe 40.04 have not been alike. There are nearly infinite combinations to create your personal Luffe. Picking woods and colors to match your preferences.


The wood is never taken of the shelfs. Oluf Jørgensen handpicks the veneer which is then glued to the plywood. This allows for extreme control in the choice of wood, but it also allows controlling the mood of the wood. Will the accommodation radiate calmness or be more flamboyant in the expression. The same veneer is used to create boards to use in the pantry and as stoppers for the cushions or similar. Using veneer coming from the same batch for all aspects of the accommodation gives a more balanced style. This is of course a sluggish procedure, but it is in fact crucial for the different wooden pieces to maintain the same sensation and texture even when it ages.