LUFFE 37 / 37.09

The Luffe 37 was launched in 1979 and is still today one of the foundations of the company. During its lifetime the Luffe 37 has been through a number og facelifts and improvements, but the overall appearance and feel remains. With the timeless design the Luffe 37 is still a slender and elegant boat on the water.


In the year 2001 the Luffe 37 was upgraded to Luffe 37 MKIII with a complete new deck. This new version merged the deck and the cockpit into one mold as it is done on modern boats. A steel frame was also fitted into the hull to replace the more old fashioned wooden floor frame. The frame has an additional purpose to act as the nucleus of the boat. It allows for a better fitting of the keel which is bolted to the frame and also as footing for the mast.


The next version emerged in 2009 where the keel and the mast was overhauled. The wish to compete in the one-off races diminished and thus the Luffe 37.09 was launched. The accommodation is traditional, but still adjusted to the wishes of the customer. Boom and main sail have been lifted 15 cm which allows for more headroom in the cockpit. The rig is now a 9/10 rig with spreaders pointed slightly aft to achieve a simpler rig without aft stays and a more open deck. The genoa has been replaced with a jib slightly larger then the previous jib, now 26m2. The main sail and the jib are now almost equal in size. The keel is a fibre glass shaft with a lead torpedo. The bolts of the torpedo go all the way to the steel frame at the bottom of the boat. Due to new torpedo the center of gravity has then been lowered 43 cm compared to previously which adds greater stability.