The Luffe 3.6 is the yacht with the illusion that it is small. On the inside the boat appears larger then it does when looking at it from the outside.


The cabins are large and are not only very practical, but also comfortable. In spite, the design has been kept light weight and aesthetic as on all Luffe boats.


The Luffe 3.6 handles effortlessly and has with its modern keel an extremely high stability. All halyards and sheets are conveniently accessible and winches have proper dimensions to match their purpose. The joy of sailing is thus not ruined by strenuous work.


The Luffe 3.6 is like the Luffe 40.04 equipped with a fully integrated self-tacking rail for the front sails. Sailing upwind becomes playtime for everybody on board.


The accommodation is as always both of the highest quality and customized to the wishes of the customer. The customer can among other options to pick which sort of wood the accommodation is made of, which fabric is used, and the color of it.


The magazines have quoted the Luffe 3.6 to ”become a new classic” and ”extremely homely”.